Application of laser engraving/cutting in daily life


In the decoration industry, wooden materials are the most common laser processing materials, such as birch, cherry wood, red rosewood and black walnut, which are easy to be vaporized by laser, so they are more suitable for engraving and cutting. Since each type of wood has its own characteristics, it is necessary to choose according to actual needs. In addition to logs, plywood is also one of the commonly used materials for furniture. Plywood is a man-made wood board, and carving on plywood is not much different from carving on logs.

2. Printing and packaging

In the printing and packaging industry, laser engraving is most widely used in corrugated box packaging. Engraving relevant product information on corrugated paper is beautiful and clear. Due to the low cost of laser engraving on paper packaging materials, laser engraving is generally used as the printing plate for corrugated box packaging in the printing and packaging industry.


According to the material, laser engraving crafts can be divided into: paper, cloth, wood, bamboo, leather, resin, plexiglass, metal, jewelry and jade, etc. In daily life, there is a kind of common plexiglass-acrylic, which is easy to be carved, or cut into various shapes and sizes, and the cost is relatively low, so it has become the most commonly used engraving material in the craft industry.

4. Leather processing

Laser engraving machine is widely used in the leather industry, because it breaks the shortcomings of traditional manual work such as low efficiency, difficult typesetting, and serious waste of materials. Laser engraving/cutting is fast and easy to operate, which has brought great benefits to the development of the leather industry. You only need to import the pattern into the software, set the size, and then you can cut out a suitable finished product, saving a lot of human resources. In addition, the layout can be arranged on the software before processing, which can make full use of materials and reduce unnecessary waste.

5. Personalized customization

Personalized customization is mainly applied to items with special commemorative significance, which can meet the various needs of different people for different products. For example, photos and logos can be engraved on daily necessities and made into exclusive gifts. It is a unique and precious gift for relatives, friends, and yourself.

The above lists 5 application scenarios of laser engraving/cutting in daily life. In fact, it is far more than these. Laser engraving and laser cutting have penetrated into all walks of life, and more applications are still waiting to be discovered!

Application of laser engraving/cutting in daily life
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