Up to 40% Off Sale for Students Only

To celebrate Back-to-School, Creality is offering up to 40% off discounts for the following printers. Please contact our admin below to get some discounts NOW! Canada Only.

  • $499.00

    CR-10 Smart 3D Printer

    40% Off Discount Code. Creality CR-10 Smart: Printer got smarter. Intelligent Experience Advanced Performance Super Car Design
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  • $289.00

    HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer

    40% Off Discount Code. Creality HALOT-ONE Resin 3D Printer, LCD 3D Printer, Integral Light Source, High Precision, WiFi Function, Smoother Surface, Fast Printing, Longer Lifespan, Printing Size 127x80x160mm
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  • New $409.00

    CR-6 SE 3D Printer

    35% Off Discount Code. Creality CR-6 SE, 48-second Automatic Levelling, Integrated Design & Modularized Structure, Innovative Extrusion System Easier for Filament Feeding-in, Noiseless Operation, Print Size: 235x235x250mm
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  • $539.00

    Sermoon V1 Pro 3D Printer

    20% Off Discount Code.Creality Sermoon V1 Pro is a hassle-free enclosed 3D printer free from leveling and assembly. It enables one-click printing via Creality Cloud App and real-time monitoring via a built-in camera. “Sprite” direct extruder ensures high precision and the Pause When Door is Opened function guarantees safety. The low-level noise exposure makes it perfect for 3D printing at home, school and office.
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  • New $579.00

    Ender-5 Plus 3D Printer

    19% Off Discount Code. Ultra Large scale 3d printer redesigned, bl touch pre-installed for easier auto-leveling, filament sensor equipped to avoid occasional printing errors, and dual Y-axis are also added for helping stable printing and smoother transmission
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  • New $799.00

    CR-10 Smart Pro 3D Printer

    20% Off Discount Code. CREALITY NEW Direct Dual-Gear Extruding |Dual z-axis | Spring steel PEI magnetic sheet.
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  • New $134.00

    UW-01 Washing/Curing Machine

    18% Off Discount Code. Creality UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine, all-in-one washing and curing machine, one step to finish the model post process.
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  • $279.00

    Ender-3 V2 3D Printer

    18% Off Discount Code. Creality Official Hot-sale Ender-3 V2 3D Printer, Which is Suitable for Business Start-up.
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  • New $379.00

    Ender-3 S1 3D Printer

    15% Off Discount Code. High-quality printing with "Sprite" direct extruder, CR touch automatic leveling, and dual z-axis synchronization.
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If you're a student or teacher and interested in the above printers, please contact admin to get some special discounts .

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