HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer
HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer
HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer
HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer
HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer
HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer
HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer
HALOT-LITE  Resin 3D Printer

HALOT-LITE Resin 3D Printer

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The self-developed integral light source of HALOT-LITE makes the light intensity distribution of the whole screen uniform and each dimension of the model with consistent accuracy. 8.9" Monochrome LCD Display, 192*120*200mm Large Printing Size.
High Precision Integral Light Source
High Performance Motherboard
192*120*200mm Large Printing Size
4K 8.9" Monochrome LCD Display
W-Fi/APP Remote Control
5.0" Touch Screen


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Product Introduction

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Bigger Space

Lightweight Version Of Halot Sky. The LITE is set to operate using Creality’s new proprietary optical system, that’s capable of printing parts with a uniform light density of more than 80%.

Capture Detail

Halot Lite is powered by Cortex’s impressive A53 processor, with a computing and graphics power that far surpasses that of other LCD 3D printers.

Large Touch Screen, Intuitive Interaction

Integral Light Source

High Precision and Uniformity

Wi-Fi/APP Remote Control

Creality Cloud APP for monitor printing progress, adjust the printing settings, Start/Stop prints. Built-in Wi-Fi allows one-click upgrades to the firmware.

LCD Pixel: 3840*2400
LCD screen: 8.9" monochrome
Light Source: Integral Light Source
Printing size: 192*120*200mm
XY-axis precision: 0.05mm
Printing speed: 1-4s/layer
Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
Interaction Screen: 5" color touch screen
Material: 405nm UV Resin
Auto-leveling: Easy manual leveling
Input power: 100-240V
Machine size: 330*301*572mm
Machine Weight: 10.6kg
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Common rigid photosensitive resin/Standard resin/High elasticity/High hardness/High toughness/Dental model resin

Integral light source (wavelength 405nm)

For the same manufacturer, resins of the same property (such as all rigid photosensitive resins) can be mixed properly, but it is not recommended to operate in this way for a long time. Even if the resin of the same property has different composition, the quality of the printed model may be affected (in terms of strength and toughness) 

Please turn off the machine when you do not want to continous to print the models.

Generally do not exceed three months . When you do not print, you must cover the acrylic cover of the machine to avoid ultraviolet light