Advantages of laser engraving (Lots of funciton)

When it comes to laser engraving technology, the first thing everyone thinks of is those professional machines with complex operations and high prices in the industry. It seems that the threshold is quite high for ordinary people to engrave some interesting DIY patterns with laser. Is there a laser engraving and cutting machine suitable for individual players that can be used at home?

The most amazing thing about the Creality Falcon series is that it provides a continuous preview function. In preview mode, the Falcon uses a weaker laser to lightly etch a pattern onto the target. In this way, we can easily adjust the position, size and angle, and once finalized, we can start engraving or cutting.

It also allows creating on a large area, with an area of up to 400*415mm. It has dual functions of engraving and cutting, and the engraving is precise and delicate. Offline engraving can be done by pressing the start button. Text, pictures, graffiti, camera, and QR code can be easily done.

Creality Falcon also provides professional studios with the Batch function, which allows repeated engraving, so that it is convenient to carry out large-volume engraving tasks.

Of course, any laser is dangerous to the human body, and Falcon is no exception, so Falcon also provides a lot of special safety protection measures. For example, it provides special goggles to protect our vision. It is also equipped with a child lock to prevent children or people who have no experience from getting hurt by misuse. In addition, after the Falcon's laser is activated, there will be a special LED light for indication. Falcon has a built-in three-axis accelerometer. If Falcon moves unexpectedly during operation, it will shut down immediately to prevent engraving failure or damage.

With Falcon, we can give full play to our artistic creativity to carve interesting patterns on tableware, carve food, and make a special "sumptuous meal", templates, bracelets, wallets, desk lamps, or even give full play to our imagination on the car. We can also use it to draw unique paintings on specific items, which can turn unconstrained imagination into reality and add more fun to the life.

Advantages of laser engraving (Lots of funciton)
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