Make Money with Falcon for Different Industries

  • Home decoration and beautification

    Wooden murals, handicrafts, all kinds of DIY collage paintings, and carved text or paper-cuts with special meaning make the festival more atmospheric, especially on festive festivals or birthdays. These home decorations are in great demand.

  • Personalized gift customization

    Personalized gifts are the mainstream in the current market. Everyone wants to have a distinctive personality, and not to be defined. Gift customization will definitely surprise you.

  • Making exclusive logos

    School signs, business signs, road signs, where there is personnel flow and development, there is demand. In most cases, such orders are in batch and stable in long term.

  • Personalized DIY of shoes, hats and clothing

    Engraving your favorite patterns or logos on shoes, hats, and clothing is more personalized and more recognizable. Express your own style, favorite stars, works, etc.

  • Jewelry personalization

    Engrave the name of love and the promised oath on rings and necklaces, or make some personalized jewelries for sale, which is unique and commemorative.

  • Performance props

    In games, sports, home furnishing, agriculture, etc., the application of various props is more in line with the personality and background of the host, and there is a great demand, especially in the current prevalence of self-media.

Business Story

Why do I Choose Falcon to Make Money

Easy to use
Multiple materials
High premium customization
Stable productivity
Low investment high return
1 million registered users
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Donovan Jacobs
quotation-mark Greetings, greetings all. Love my 10w falcon. This thing exceeded my expectations like crazy. Works like a charm and so easy to build. quotation-mark
Daniel Hughes
quotation-mark Did a little something for myself for a change. Engraved my stainless steel ciggy case. Surprised how crisp it came out! quotation-mark
Alby Martin
quotation-mark 100 Wedding Gifts, with a falcon 5W (I had to make 3 layers of 0.4mm wood). I cut the adhesive paper itself with my own laser. Besides, I made a custom keychain design for the friends of the couple that formed the figure of the meplee. quotation-mark
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Patryk Bartnicki
quotation-mark Coin clean test - 22w laser module Timelaps 5000 mm/min, 100%, crosshatch, airassist on quotation-mark
Anthony Larrieu
quotation-mark Canvas engraving test I think it's really beautiful quotation-mark
Jithin Jithu
quotation-mark So 10w can leave some permanent marks on stainless steel. First test on stainless steel 150mm/min 85 percent, crosshatch , 0.5mm line interval , single pass. quotation-mark
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Dustin Harney
quotation-mark Hey all! So I’ve been accepted into the group expert scene. A little about me, been laser working for 2 years, 3D printing for 6 years and cnc woodworking for 3 years. I’m a Jack of all trades. If you need help don’t hesitate to ask. Here are a few of my laser pieces I’ve done with my Creality device. quotation-mark
Nick Capener
quotation-mark Will the falcon engrave on Acrylic? quotation-mark
Sherry Gipp
quotation-mark I just received and setup my Falcon 10w. It comes with 2 different software. Grbl and light burn. I’m a total newbie to the jargon in GRBL, am I out of my league? And which software is easier to use? quotation-mark