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    laser engraving and cutting are controlled by computer, which can accurately control the processing accuracy of processed items. It features simple operation, exquisite workmanship, low cost and high return..


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Don Barton
quotation-mark The New ferret 3D scanner has changed everything for me. I take it everywhere with me and I can scan what I want, indoors and outdoors. quotation-mark
Yoann Bouchard
quotation-mark The Ferret 3d scanner is just what I needed! I take it everywhere I go. It is nicely protected in its case, and I am now able to scan on the go. Ho, and it's the perfect fit for scanning people too ! Love it! quotation-mark
Jesse Pickering
quotation-mark The Ferret has been a great 3D scanner for my Industrial Design needs. It's small, portable, and easy to setup. quotation-mark
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Lee Durham
-Group Moderator-
CR-Scan 01 owners seem to be missing the cable that connects the scanner to the turntable.
quotation-mark Any cable that is mini usb will work and connect to any usb power source. quotation-mark
Don Barton
-Top Contributor-
I am using mu galaxy s22 ultra for scanning. What's the best way to transfer files to my computer?
quotation-mark With the app you can upload it to your google drive. quotation-mark
Creality Monveri
-Group Admin-
What are you curious about Ferret Pro? Share with us to let us know
quotation-mark What is the difference between Ferret and Ferret Pro? quotation-mark
Inspire Your Infinite Creative Ideas And Empower 3D Printing
Explore and scan anything you likes to get the models and then 3d print to transform the models into tangible realities.
Molnar Imrich
quotation-mark Hello! I decided to scan things for the contest with my CR Ferret. In the end, I scanned 33 items, clothes, plushes, statues, electronics, and things from the garden. quotation-mark
Herman Xu
quotation-mark The details also seem to have been enhanced. They have added basic point cloud editing functionality, which allows you to delete unnecessary and messy points. quotation-mark
Molnar Imrich
quotation-mark I know you guys have been waiting for scan results other than those posted by Creality. So here is one of my first scans. quotation-mark