Advantages of laser engraving (low cost, low threshold, high income)

With the development of the current society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people are gradually requiring more exquisite processing technology, especially in the gift industry, which not only needs to apply a variety of materials, but also has complex processes and high technical content, requires exquisite workmanship, with appreciation value and practical value, so as to effectively improve the added value of the product, increase the competitiveness of the market, and form a distinctive product.

The current laser engraving processing is different from the traditional engraving. Laser processing uses laser irradiation to process materials. Under the action of high-density laser energy, it instantly melts and gasifies the surface of the processed items, thereby leaving a permanent mark. During the processing, there is no need to contact the processed items, so there is no need for fixtures and tools, and no internal stress will be generated on the processed items.

As an advanced technology nowadays, laser engraving is controlled by computer, which can accurately control the processing accuracy of processed items. For some complex processing graphics and patterns, they can be edited by computer first to ensure the integrity of the pattern and prevent human factors from affecting the yield of processed items in the processing process. It features simple operation, exquisite workmanship, low cost and high return.

Advantages of laser engraving (low cost, low threshold, high income)
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