How to Use the Resin 3D Printer Better?

Notices For Using Software

1. Size Requirement: Ensure the model is in good condition and conduct slicing in STL format. Focus on the size of the model to make sure it meets the requirements during slicing.

2. Model Requirement: In most cases, we will add the support to ensure the model’s stability, you have to make sure the base can support the whole weight of the model if there is no support. Besides, using the slicing software to fix it, if the base is not uneven or just has a few points of contact.

3. Support check: remember to check three parts when adding supports

1) Have a check on whether the support is obstructing the model to avoid difficulties when removing those supports.

2) Have a check and see whether the overhanging position is supported in place to prevent the model from being printed incomplete without support at the overhanging position;

3) Please check whether the bottom supports are enough to prevent incomplete printing of the edges or printing failure because of the lacking of support.

Pre-printing Notices

1. Machine Placement: Don’t place the machine near flammable and explosive materials or high heat sources. Please place it in the ventilated, cool, less dusty environment.

2. Power Socket: Power plug should be plugged into the three-hole socket with ground electrode, using the power cord that comes with the machine to keep the machine safe.

3. Printing Environment: Don’t place the printer in an unstable and vibrating environment, which will have a bad impact on the printing quality.

4. Fixed Position Checking: Before printing, you need to check whether the knob on the platform and the fixed position on the material rack are locked to prevent instability.

5. Screen Checking: Before using the machine, please check whether the screen irradiation is normal. Remember to wear UV protection goggles rather than look directly at the screen for eye protection.

6. Ensure that the model is checked before printing

1) Make sure that there is no residue in the material tray before printing to prevent crushing the release film.

2) Make sure that the platform is parallel and close to the printing screen. Since the screen may slant due to the printing failure, please remove the filament tray, clean the printing platform and see if the screen is parallel. Take a piece of A4 paper at the four corners of the LCD to see whether you can slightly drag the paper.

Notices For Using RESIN

1. Using Resin: Don’t shake it vigorously to cause the formation of a large number of air bubbles, but lightly shake the resin from side to side

2. Resin Touch: Avoid resin’s direct contact with skin or eyes. If it causes skin allergy or discomfort, please rinse with water immediately. For serious situation, please consult doctors timely.

3. Resin Selection: Use the recommended resin to avoid machine damage.

4. Resin Preservation: When the resin is not in use, it can be filtered and then recycled. Covering the resin tank to avoid direct sunlight and dust is also workable.

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How to Use the Resin 3D Printer Better?
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