Safety protection of Falcon2

With the increase of laser power, laser safety protection can’t be underestimated. When using the machine for engraving or cutting, apart from wearing laser protective glasses correctly, the operator also needs a machine with various safety protection functions to reduce worries while creating.

Safety protection of laser module:

1. Safer laser leakage preventiondesign

The laser module comes with a protective cover, which uses high-efficiency filter colored glass to more effectively prevent laser leakage and fully protect the eyes.

2. Triple intelligent monitoring system

Airflow monitoring

Through the indicator light, it is convenient to remind the user of the size of the airflow, and help the user to adjust the airflow according to the engraving and cutting requirements. Especially when cutting some flammable objects, if the air assist is not turned on, the risk of fire will be greatly increased. Therefore, the indicator light provides a quick indication to the user to adjust the airflow and reduce the risk of burning the material.

Lens dirty monitoring

A large number of experiments have shown that dirty lens will seriously affect the engraving and cutting effects, and increase the risk of material burning. Therefore, when the lens is dirty to a certain extent, the built-in lens dirty monitoring system of the laser module will trigger an alarm to prevent lens breakage and frequent replacement, while reducing the risk of material burning.

Flame monitoring

If a flame is detected during the operation of the machine, the indicator light will flash in red, and the machine will automatically stop emitting laser and give an alarm. Then the laser module will return to the original point, and can automatically identify the farthest path according to the fire location to stay away from the flame alarm point.


Machine safety protection:

1. Auto stop

If the machine tilts, overturns, or falls when it is working, it will stop immediately, and the buzzer will sound an alarm quickly.

2. Safety lock

After using the machine, the safety lock can be locked. Except for professionals who have the key, no one else can open the machine. This is your exclusive machine.

3. Emergency stop switch

If an emergency occurs during the operation, press the emergency stop switch to stop the machine immediately.

4. Two-way limit switch

If the machine runs beyond the working range, it will automatically stop working and give a buzzer alarm.

The above safety protection functions protect the operator and the people near the working area to the greatest extent, allowing creators to devote themselves to the creation process and reduce worries.

Safety protection of Falcon2
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