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Highly Integrated with Strong Computing Power
Get It Going with No Hitch
Speed Up Printing While Keep the Quality
Intuitive Model Preview
Deft with User-defined Macros
Control Access from Multiple Platforms
Rich Extensible Interfaces
Open Source Commitment


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Stronger to Cut and Engrave

Easier to cut through thicker materials. It engraves obvious patterns on objects as hard as stainless steel. It can cut through 12mm woodboard with one pass and up to 18mm woodboard.

0.06mm Compressed Spot for Engraving

0.06mm Compressed Spot for Engraving The improved 6-lens array compresses the focal spot to only 0.06mm. It will deliver more details in your engravings.

Active Stop Function

With a gyroscope, the machine will stop working in case of accidental tilt, flip or drop, with the buzzer and indicator sending alert

Multi-level Fixed Focus Block

It helps you find the suitable focus distance for different depths of materials without measuring.

Built-in Leveler

A visualized aid to level the machine body for ideal engraving consistence.

Laser Protective Cover

The protective cover around the laser head will prevent the laser from dazzling the eyes.

Explore Unlimited Possibilities of Creation

With 400x415 workspace, it allows users to process a larger piece of material at a time. (Optional raisers)

Measuring Scale on the Axis Profiles

Quick to locate the engraving position and gauge the size of the engraving object.

Able to Engrave and Cut Various Materials
Get Things Done with Less Hassel
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