What are laser engraving and laser cutting?

Introduce about laser,laser engraving,laser cutting,features of laser engraving/cutting and lots of factors that affect the engraving effect

Classification of common light sources for laser engraving machines

Introduce about classification of common light sources for laser engravers,including CO₂ laser、fiber laser、diode laser and so on

Where can I get engraving/cutting models?

Introduce about methods to get laser engraving or cutting materials,including Internet search、download and so on

Safety protection of Falcon2

Introduce about application of laser engraving or cutting in daily life,including decoration、personalization and so on

Application of laser engraving/cutting in daily life

With the increase of laser power, laser safety protection can’t be underestimated. Creality Falcon2 can reduce your worries while creating.

What materials are suitable for engraving/cutting with Creality Falcon2?

Creality Falcon2 is suitable for engraving and cutting of most non-metallic materials (wood, bamboo, slate, cardboard, leather, fabric, paperboard, felt, ceramics, etc.)

Low cost, low threshold, high income

Complex processing patterns can be edited by computer first to ensure the integrity and prevent human factors from affecting the yield of processed items in the processing process. It features simple operation, exquisite workmanship, low cost and high return

Creation of multiple materials

Creality Falcon has a wide range of applications. You can use it to engrave and cut handmade creative products, customize personal gifts, and easily engrave and cut various materials, including paper, wooden boards, bamboo products, plastic, leather, etc.

High premium customization

As a business brochure for marketing and product promotion, the more three-dimensional and unique shape is more likely to attract the attention of customers, easier to form secondary communication and expand the influence of the product

Stable productivity

A laser engraver and cutter can finish a project without blades, inks, or drills; because it has no additional components like ink that need to be replaced regularly, so the 1000th piece produced is of the same quality as the 1st piece

Low investment high return

Buy a small laser engraver and cutter, you can then make some small items such as engraving on cans, metal pendants, and key chains. With small equipment and low cost, you can save a lot of money if you don’t rent a store

Lots of functions

It has dual functions of engraving and cutting, and the engraving is precise and delicate. Offline engraving can be done by pressing the start button. Text, pictures, graffiti, camera, and QR code can be easily done

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