8 3D Printing Ideas For Halloween

It’s Halloween time of the year again: time to be scary, decorate, dress up...

8 3D Printing Ideas For Halloween

With 3D printers and 3D printing services becoming more accessible, it is easier to bring your 3d designs to life. It is perfect for Halloween when there are so many decorations, costumes, props, accessories and more that can be 3D printed.

We’ve gathered 8 interesting and spooky 3D printed decorations and accessories. Check out these 3d printing ideas you can print yourself and see if they'll inspire some ghostly creations of your own.

#1. Witch Hat & Pumpkin Car

Witch Hat

Pumpkin Car

Creality team, Print by CR-Laser Falcon.

#2. Cthulhu



3d_in_lab, Print by CR6 SE.  

#3. Game of thrones, Longclaw

Game of thrones, Longclaw

3dnt.ws, Print by LD-002R & Ender 5 plus.

#4. Flying ghost

flying ghost

3dprynxz, Zou3d(model), Print by CR-10 V2.

#5. Robinson trophy

Robinson trophy

Daniel Noer, Print by HALOT-ONE.

#6. Pumpkin


Misterdevilcap, Print by Cr10s pro v2.

#7. Angie Beneviento

Angie Beneviento

Angie Beneviento

Pwwny, kosplayit (model),