How to Pick a Suitable 3D Printer?

Do you how to pick a suitable 3D printer? Here come some suggestions for you!

How to Pick a Suitable 3D Printer?

1. Cost

Recently, prices for 3D printers have decreased, enabling enthusiasts to get one at a reasonable price.  You don’t have to choose the most expensive 3D printer but most suitable one for yourself.

2. Printing Quality and Speed

Printing quality is an important element that should be considered when purchasing a 3D printer. Usually, if you prefer a 3D printer featured by fast printing and high quality, the price will be high.

3. Easy to Use

With the development of 3D printer, they are becoming easier to operate. But you have to dig out more about 3D printers if you want to make some high-quality model.

4. Customization

In the past few years, printing technology has been made great progress, but you still have the chance to personalize a 3D printer via modification, making it well-fitting for yourself.  Accessories can be used together with the 3D printer for diverse creation. To purchase accessories or not depends on your requirements. If you want to print some basic models as a hobbyist, a 3D printer without extra accessories may be enough. But if you're interested in printing complicated models, more functions are needed. In this way, an open-source 3D printer will be more suitable.

5. Build Volume  

The build volume refers to the size of the print. The larger the build volume, the bigger the model you can print. We recommend you to think about what you are going to print and then choose a printer with proper build volume.

6. Resin or Filament

3D Printing Resin or Filament

The last thing to consider before buying a 3D printer is whether it uses resin or filament. They are printing materials for a 3D printer. Resin is used for resin 3D printers and the printed models are usually of high quality.  For resin 3D printers, they will be more expensive and may take longer time to print. Filament is made by various plastic for FDM 3D printers, which