What types of resin are there for 3D printing?

The photosensitive resin is a polymer that is used for light-curing rapid prototyping, also known as light-activated resin, liquid light-curing resin, and UV curable resin. It is mainly composed of the oligomer, photoinitiator, and diluent, and can be used to make high-strength, high-temperature resistant, and waterproof materials.

In the past years, photosensitive resin is being used in the emerging industry of 3D printing, and is favored and valued by the industry because of its excellent characteristics!

3D Printing High Performance Resin

For resin 3D printing, you can choose to use ABS Like Resin, Elastic Resin, High-Temperature resistance Resin, Water Washable Resin, or Standard Rigid Resin, each with its own set of unique properties and specific use cases.

The different types of resin that are commonly used for 3D printing:

1. Standard Rigid Resin

Standard rigid resin has the properties of high rigidity, high precision, low shrinkage, low odor, and short curing time, so the success rate of model printing is higher, the surface of the printed model is smooth and delicate, and the details are more clearly expressed, the ideal effect can be achieved without secondary processing.

 creality standard rigid resin plus

The standard rigid resin of Creative 3D has four Benefits: good resin fluidity, rigidity and toughness, fast printing speed, and multiple color options.

Good fluidity: This resin has good fluidity which can quickly infiltrate the model and then solidify. It improves the success rate by reducing resin release and adhesion. In addition, it helps clean the machine and model easier.

Rigidity and toughness: High hardness and toughness to resist impact.

High-speed Printing: The resin improves the printing speed while ensuring the strength of the model and non-excessive shrink while increasing the printing speed. It can also shorten the curing time and improve the printing efficiency of the LCD machine as much as possible with a good appearance and outperforming practicability.

Multiple color options: up to 9 colors, to meet customers' multiple color demands. 9 colors: skin color, yellow, white, black, blue, gray, transparent light blue, transparent red, transparent light blue, transparent color.

Rigid resin can be used for 3D printing of cartoon resin kits, craft decoration, educational teaching, art creation, and architectural models.

2. Elastic Resin

Elastic Resin

The elastic resin has excellent molding and impact resistance, short curing time, no deformation during molding, excellent elasticity of the finished product, smooth surface, and high precision. Its physical properties are similar to rubber, print parts can be folded in half many times without breaking, used for printing soft-needed stuff, and suitable for most LCD/DLP printers. 

It is applicable to the jewelry industry, dentistry, watches, glasses, teaching, and research, toy design, handicraft design, industrial parts design, etc.

3. High-Temperatureresistance Resin

high-temperature resistance resin

The resin has the features of high-temperature resistance and high hardness. In the high temperatures environments, it can maintain good strength, stiffness, and long-term thermal stability.

It is suitable for high-temperature environment applications, such as automotive, aerospace industry, electronics, and other heat-generating parts.

Our high-temperature resistance resin can withstand the high temperature of 220 degrees and molding surface hardness up to 85-88D.

4. Water Washable Resin

Washable resin is water washable, has low viscosity, and low odor. The printed model can be washed directly, safe and reliable.

Water Washable Resin

Compared with other resins, Creality water washable resin can keep dimensional stability even soaking in water for a long time. The detail of the model is clear for prints with high precision and smooth surfaces, the better capability of surviving from falling.

Creality Water Washable Resin

Application area: General models, Garage Kit, Dentistry, Education and research, Toy design, Handicrafts, Industrial parts.

5. ABS Like Resin

ABS resin is the acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, which is an acronym for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a thermoplastic polymer with high strength, good toughness, and easy processing. ABS resin is the most widely used polymer, which combines the various properties of PS, SAN, and BS, and has excellent mechanical properties of toughness, hardness, and rigidity.

ABSLike Resin

It is both rigid and tough, with strong impact resistance, making the 3D printed model have both strength and flexibility, excellent molding, and impact resistance, good surface gloss, and easy to paint coloring.

ABS resin is suitable for jewelry, dentistry, watches, glasses, teaching, and research, handicraft design, industrial parts design, etc.

Suitable for many brands of 3D printers:

HALOT-ONE PLUS Resin 3D Printer Combo Offer

Creality HALOT series, LD series and other LCD resin 3D printing machines on the market.

HALOT-ONE PLUS Combo With Curing Machine and Resin


1. Shakeevenly for 1-2 minutes before use to avoid possible sedimentation of resin components.

2. Thisis disposable and Can't be used repeatedly.

3. Theresin is liquid and has aslight odor. Please wear a mask when using it.

4. If contacted with clothes by accident, please change it immediately and wash your skin and clothing immediately with soap and water.

5. Relocate and hospitalize immediately if inhaled by accident.

6. Wash your skin with soap or hospitalize if touching the skin by accident.

7. If accidentally touching your eyes, open your eyelids and rinse with soapy water for about 20 minutes and hospitalize immediately.

8. If accidentally inhaled or swallowed, do not induce vomiting, stay calm and hospitalizein time.

9. Formodels with supports, it is recommended to remove most of the supports before curing, and then remove the remaining supports after curing.

10. Disposal of waste is in accordance with local environmental regulations.

11. Storage: Indoor storage in a dry ventilatedplace free from any corrosive gas, sun exposure, or moisture.1-yearshelf life.

What types of resin are there for 3D printing?
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