What’s A 3D Pen & 3D Pens For Kids

Creality 3d pen

3D pen is the world's first pen with 3d printing capabilities, the use of PLA, and ABS plastic, 3D pens can be "written" on any surface, even directly in the air, it is very compact, and no computer or computer software support, as long as it is powered on, you can start creating.


The 3D pen is based on 3D printing, extrusion of hot molten plastic, then quickly cooled in the air, and finally cured into a stable state, just a few hours of practice, will be able to trace the amazing splendor.


3D pen is the product of the development of 3D printing technology, which is currently the most widely used in the market.

It mainly has two types: one is a melt extrusion type, the other is a light-curing type. The two ways are different in material as well as targeting, melt extrusion type is to plastic wire as raw material, mainly through the heating process within the pen to melt the plastic wire, and then extrude the melted material to achieve natural cooling curing molding; light curing type is to photosensitive resin liquid as raw material, not through heating direct extrusion, and then through the role of ultraviolet light to complete the curing molding process.

How do 3D pens work

Power on—→Switch material modes—→PLA Mode /ABS Mode —→Press the setting to feed in—→ Adjust the temperature to 175°—→The green light is ready to use—→Press the retraction setting to retract filament after using, and then unplug the power.

Notes: The pen tip still has residual temperature, so be alert to scalding when retracting filaments and cleaning the pen.

You need to know

1. Do not leave the filaments staying in the pen for a long time, you need to retract the filaments first and put them in after use.

2. After a pause during use, it is advised to retract the filaments in the mode of first in and then out (Press the setting to feed in first for 2-3 seconds, then retract it).

3. To retract the filaments at once, press the retraction setting until the filaments are completely out. If you find it difficult to retract, pull them out with hand assistance for the first time.

4. Do not put all the filaments into the pen body when using, you need to leave a section in the pen body outside. When you run out of filaments, retract them and reinsert new ones for use.

3d pens for kids

3D printing pens can tap into children's imagination and help them quickly open their minds.

3D pens for kids

Creality 3D printing pen Pen-001, the body of the pen using the IP cool thinking of the shape, which is cute, there are three bright colors to choose from, so people like it at first sight. Pen-001 is not only light, the body of the pen is also according to the ergonomic design, in line with the children's hand grip posture, so that children can easily hold and feel comfortable.

In addition to the fashionable and exquisite appearance, the internal configuration of the 3D printing pen Pen-001 is also very great. The 3D printing pen is smooth, and not easy to plug the head, releasing the child's creative instincts in all aspects and allowing the baby to play freely.

Quick recharging 45 mins & Exercise children's concentration

Educational psychology has pointed out that the average person's attention span is only about 40 minutes. The limit of neck fatigue is 45 minutes, and the scientific setting of the endurance time. This 3D pen long battery life, and low power consumption. Fast charging 5V/1A, charging 1 hour, 45 minutes of long battery life standby up to 1 week, long battery life low power consumption, let baby enjoy 3D printing!

Easy to use & Free to play

Simple operation to make 3D printing without cumbersome buttons and drawing much easier.  No more worries about complicated instructions.

3D printing represents a new era of creative technology, which is used in all fields, medical, education, construction, clothing, food and so on have its platform for development.

The two main types of 3D pens in the current market are gradually improving, and users can choose according to different needs, which also gives users more opportunities for thinking in operation and gradually becomes indispensable professional equipment for conceptual design.

What’s A 3D Pen & 3D Pens For Kids
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