20 Cool and Creative 3D Printing Ideas to Try

3D printing is fun. Enjoyed across all age groups, 3D printers have single-handedly revolutionized DIY home projects. While these help children unlock their imaginations, adults use them as an opportunity to come up with practical solutions to daily life problems. In other words, 3D printing has turned out to be an exciting technology that pushes your curiosity to the point of incredible revelation.

To drive your curiosity to its extreme, we have shortlisted 20 cool and creative 3D printing ideas you can try at home. As a hobbyist, you’d want to stay with us till the end as we go on a journey to discover some of the most interesting 3D printing projects.

Let’s get started!

20 cool 3d printing ideas

Part 1: What is 3D printing?

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is essentially the process of building three-dimensional solid objects by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. Here are some of the key advantages of using 3D printing across industries.

  • Allows projects with flexible designs.
  • Makes it easier to scale prototypes.
  • Use 3D printing for Print on Demand businesses.
  • Create products with strong yet lightweight parts.
  • Ensures fast design and production.
  • 3D printing is environmentally friendly.
  • Helps save resources and minimize waste.
  • The one-step process saves time and costs.
  • 3D printing is easily accessible.

Now that we are well-acquainted with what 3D printing is and what it has to offer, let’s dive deeper and discuss some of the most unique 3D printing ideas for 2023, shall we?

Part 2: Here are the Best 3D Printing Ideas for 2023

1: Rubik’s Cube

Solving the Rubik’s Cube is quite tricky. What’s even more challenging? Creating a Rubik’s Cube! Did you know that 3D printers are capable enough to create a model as complicated as a Rubik’s Cube? Well, if you look at a cube closely, you’ll find that each of the cubes can move independently. This makes the project extremely interesting as you just cannot afford to make even a small design mistake or it will inhibit Rubik’s Cube’s functionality.

With the right 3D printing tools from Creality, you can build a highly effective and durable Rubik’s Cube at home. The best part is that you can create as many types of Rubik’s Cube as you want. You can build a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, or even a Megaminx using 3D printing!

rubik cube

2: Earphone Holder

Where do our earphones go when we need them the most? We all love to listen to music or watch movies or videos on our smartphones. But what makes the entire experience more immersive is a nice pair of earphones. But we always put them in some place we can’t instantly find. And even if we find them, they’ll be all tangled up — taking much time to carefully and delicately untangle the cables to make the earphones usable again.

Here’s what we suggest — use our 3D printers to create a dedicated earphone holder! The holder can be designed for rough usage too as it will be enclosable. We highly recommend creating an earphone holder for people who love to travel.

earphone holder

3: Headphone Hanger

Losing an earphone we can afford. But a headphone? Well, an average high-quality headphone comes for around $300-500. You don’t want to put all that money to waste, do you? That’s why we want you to build a headphone hanger with your 3D printer. We all love headphones. They offer superior audio quality and most importantly, provide excellent seclusion, especially in a noisy environment.

In other words, you ought to add protection for these big bulky boys by designing a dedicated headphone hanger to add to your work table. We suggest you go for a headphone hanger that fits any tabletop up to 25 mm thick. Since most headphones have a headband of 45-50 mm, make sure the hanger’s width is designed accordingly.

headphone hanger

4: Oreo Box

Twist it, Lick it, and Dunk it. No, we are not talking about the actual Oreo cookies. Here we are discussing an Oreo box for 3D printing enthusiasts! What is an Oreo Box? Well, this is a 3D-printed cookie box that is in the shape of the popular Oreo cookie. But, you don’t need to use it to store just cookies.

You can store all kinds of stuff inside the Oreo Box. Some of the stuff we suggest you put inside it are pieces of jewelry, playing cards, stationery, coins, and whatnot. You can simply download the 3D printable design from Cults and make your 3D printer cough out Oreo Box. It comes in two different sizes too — 90mm and 180mm in diameter.

oreo box

5: RC Plane

WYou’ll find it hard to stop your kids from a potential dog fight with these unique RC planes. It sure looks like a toy, but it is designed to scale. An RC plane makes for an incredible toy for kids if they are into flying things, you know. If they are, you should 3D-print an RC plane by printing its parts and assembling them as a DIY project.

This 3D-printed RC plane by 3D Lab Print is quite lightweight and makes for an ideal beginner’s RC pilot project. The best part of this project is that in case a part malfunctions, you can simply 3D print it and make your RC plane race the winds. This RC plane has a total of 126 parts.

rc plane

6: Playing Card Box

We all have childhood memories of losing our toys and other stuff. But one of the most prominent memories was losing or accidentally destroying playing cards. As a child, nothing hurts more than an incomplete deck of cards. This is why we propose an exciting 3D printing idea to you — a 3D-printed Playing Card Box.

Before you ask, let us tell you that no, it is not a superficial box that will “upscale your home decor.” It’s a pretty simple box that keeps your playing cards safe and intact. And we know what you are thinking now — “Not all playing cards come in the same size.” You can 3D print your card box to almost all sizes.

playing card box

7: Cat Feeder

Be the hooman your cats would love you for. We have a special treat for your furry friends as we are about to suggest you a 3D-printed cat feeder! There are times when you need to leave home for a long time. But you don’t want to make your pets starve at the same time. For people who need things automated, we have an automated cat feeder that is essentially a practical dry food feeding device.

How does it work? Well, the shell of this cat feeder is 3D-printed. Driving the automated cat feeder is Arduino — a reliable and cheap microprocessor. You can set the device to spit out a portion of dry food at a specific time interval. The cat feeder even comes with a battery slot for backup!

cat feeder

8: Unique Smartphone Stand

This is our favorite. It’s because almost everyone owns a smartphone and needs a smartphone stand on their desks. More importantly, we want a smartphone stand that has a unique design, can bear the smartphone’s weight, and is extremely easy to use. That’s precisely what this 3D-printed quick grab/release phone stand has to offer.

So, how does this unique 3D-printed smartphone stand work? As you can see in the picture, it has several parts working together. Regardless of how big or small you print this smartphone stand out, you will need to put a small extension spring in between when putting the stand together. One of the best parts of using this 3D-printed smartphone stand is that it allows multiple viewing angles.

smartphone holder

9: Sound Amplifier

Let’s set the record straight once and for all — the speakers on smartphones are just a waste. You cannot expect your smartphone to amplify the music and turn the room into a theater. We always feel the need for that extra “oomph” from our smartphone speakers. That’s why the brightest minds on the planet designed a 3D-printed portable monster sound amplifier that works with almost all smartphones.

Make no mistake — this is not a real, electricity-driven amplifier. It is essentially a passive amplifier that will make sure your smartphone speakers are loud enough to party in a room. The 3D-printed sound amplifier has no mechanical parts and is a one-piece design. The outstretched arms give this sound amplifier its name — Groovi Monster.

smartphone sound amplifier

10: Card Deck Shuffler

Card deck shuffling is an art and not all are lucky enough to blow others with their card shuffling skills. When you are with your friends and family members and you are set to play cards, you don’t want deck shuffling to take all the attention. We have a 3D-printed device just for the use case. It’s called a 3D-printed card deck shuffler.

So, how does it work? Well, as you can see in the picture, the card deck shuffler is made of several different mechanical parts that can be easily 3D printed. Once you assemble the part and build a ready-to-serve card deck shuffler, you can simply put the cards on the deck shuffler and rotate the lever on the side to successfully shuffle the cards.

card deck shuffler

11: Bottle Opener

The market is full of the same ‘ol bottle openers that look like they were cut from a sheet of metal. Believe us, you need a classy and sturdy bottle opener, especi

While you can design a bottle opener yourself with a 3D printer, we want you to look at this one-handed bottle opener with unmatched class. This one-handed bottle opener is designed to last a long time. With its bezier curves, it can withstand high mechanical stress and make you look quite stylish when opening a bottle. However, you’ll need a small magnet or a dime that will go into the crevice and pull the bottle’s cap up.

bottle opener

12: Articulated Elephant

Elephants are not just large, they are auspicious too. They are often regarded as the savior and protector of the world, at least in the Jungle Book. Having an elephant figurine inside your house is said to bestow fortune, prosperity, abundance, and safety.

So, what are you waiting for? Use a 3D printer to create an articulated elephant for yourself! This is quite a cool project. You see, an articulated elephant figure toy can have different poses and whatnot. Add different elements to the figure to make the overall design unique to you. And you don’t just have to create one articulate elephant. You can go ahead and design a complete herd of elephants and put it on a shelf!

articulated elephant

13: Folding Leaf Bowl

Oh for the elegance and sophistication of decorative bowls! Use your 3D printer to create a beautiful addition to your home’s decor — a folding leaf bowl. It’s a very interesting DIY project for your family as designing a folding leaf bowl requires both an aesthetic and practical perspective.

What can you use a folding leaf bowl for? Well, we recommend designing the folding bowl for both its aesthetic and functional value. These can be used to ensure organization without jeopardizing style. Make your folding leaf bowl a container for keys, jewelry, and whatnot! However, we suggest you keep the overall theme and style of your home in mind when designing a one-of-a-kind folding leaf bowl.

folding leaf bowl

14: Hanging Planter

Two words — Elegantly Beautiful. A hanging planter is what we call a “perfect home decor.” Let’s find out why. Well, first of all, the fact that the planter isn’t taking up space on your floor is simply amazing. You can fix the planter anywhere on the ceiling and boost the elegant and modern look of your house.

Where should you hang it anyway? If you ask us, we’d hang the planter on a balcony or near a window. This is because you’d want some sunlight to fall on it. Second of all, look at the teardrop shape of the planter. It gives the feeling of the planter melting away, like water from ice. We find this 3D-printed hanging planter an awesome housewarming gift too!

hanging planter

15: Chopstick Trainer

Did you know chopsticks can be used for, well, not just eating? Chopsticks can have multiple applications and hence are quite versatile in nature. That’s one of the reasons why we added a Chopstick Trainer to the list — to make it easier for your family members to learn how to use a Chopstick!

What is a Chopstick Trainer, you ask? It is essentially a 3D-printed aid that attaches to the chopsticks and makes it easier to use them. With the aid, using chopsticks becomes quite intuitive and not at all complicated. If you use the aids for a long time, you might even learn the skills of using chopsticks, for a variety of applications. Now you'll even get to show off your chopstick skills at a restaurant!

chopstick trainer

16: Measuring Cube

Let’s face it. Not all of us are good at “having an idea” of how much stuff we need to add when preparing food. Indeed, the recipe magazines help by mentioning the exact amount of ingredients to be used. But how will you measure the precise amount to be added? This is why we recommend everyone to have a 3D-printed measuring cube.

What is a 3D-printed measuring cube? It is essentially a useful tool that allows everyone to measure the amount of ingredients being added while cooking. When designing a measuring cube, make sure to efficiently use the cube to add different measurements for example one cup, one-half cup, one-fourth cup, and so on. You may even design smaller measuring cubes for even smaller measurements!

measuring cube

17: Collapsible Clothes Hanger

Are you planning to move or travel in the coming holidays? We have a 3D printing idea crafted just for you. If you are someone who likes the compact style of packing things, this collapsible clothes hanger will keep you hooked.

You see, you don’t just want to throw your clothes in a box and make a move. You want things to be nice and tidy when you reach your new place or destination. This is precisely why we recommend designing an amazing 3D-printed collapsible travel clothes hanger. But why is it collapsible? Wouldn’t the regular clothes hanger do the job? With a 3D-printed collapsible clothes hanger, you can easily save space as it can neatly fold up and tuck inside your suitcase. Light bulb!

collapsible hanger

18: Laptop Airflow Support

We all have laptops and we all have the same problem with them — they overheat quite a lot. How to fix this problem? Well, there are several extremely expensive solutions out there on the market from external cooling fans to water-cooled air ducts. Even some laptops now come with built-in water-cooling! Strange times, if you ask us. Because the issue can be resolved with 3D-printed anti-overheating support for laptops!

It is quite unbelievable how small these sturdy supports are. But don’t go at their size; these 3D-printed laptop airflow support ensure proper airflow beneath the laptop and provide the laptop fans with fresh cool air. The best part is that these laptop supports can easily stick to your laptop’s sides and never lose grip.

laptop overheating support

19: Collapsible Basket

There’s a thin line between a basket being useful and a complete nuisance. You see, if you have things to keep in a basket, you will find the basket quite a useful addition to your household. If you don’t put anything in the basket, it is just a thing taking up space in your home.

Why not design a basket that, regardless of its state of application, looks like it's a part of the decor? This is why we suggest you buy a 3D-printed collapsible basket. Owning a collapsible basket makes all the more sense if you have limited or scarce counter space. When you are not using the basket, you can simply collapse or fold it and store it somewhere else.

collapsible basket

20: Digital Sundial

Sundials have existed for centuries. After all, these were the earliest types of timekeeping devices. Sundials indicated the time of the day by throwing a shadow of some object on the dial itself. It is essentially a horological device that indicates the passage of time in accordance with the apparent position of the Sun in the sky.

And now you can 3D print it! We have a cool 3D-printing idea for you. Why not create a digital sundial? It is developed by Mojoptix and is highly recommended to purchase or print.

digital sundial

Final thoughts!

There you have it. We have shared some of the most exciting 3D printing ideas that you can implement as DIY projects at home. As the holidays approach, you’d want to have a list of fun and interesting project ideas that you can work on as a family. But how will you consolidate 3D printing essentials to get started in the first place?

Check out the Creality Store now and order everything you need while we have them in stock! The 3D printing ideas mentioned above will certainly provide you with the opportunity to come together as a family and come up with useful 3D printable solutions. What are you waiting for? Start 3D printing today!

20 Cool and Creative 3D Printing Ideas to Try
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