How to Set Z-Offset Bltouch Ender 3 v2

3D printing has evolved into an incredible realm of creativity, and ensuring the perfect first layer is a crucial step in this journey. If you own the Ender 3 V2, mastering the art of setting the Z-Offset with a BLTouch can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll unveil the steps about how to Set Z-Offset BLTouch on Ender 3 V2.

how to set z offset bltouch ender 3 v2

Part 1: Gearing Up for the Calibration

Creality CR Touch Auto Leveling Sensor Kit

To get started, you'll need the Creality Ender 3 V2 BLTouch Upgrade Kit, available on Amazon. This kit includes the following components:

  • BLTouch sensor
  • BLTouch cable
  • Mounting bracket designed for the Ender 3 V2
  • Allen wrenches that come with your printer

cr touch auto leveling sensor kit

Part 2: What is Ender 3 Pro Z Offset

The Ender 3 Pro, like the standard Ender 3, is a popular 3D printer from Creality. Setting the Z-offset for the Ender 3 Pro is an important step to ensure proper bed leveling and optimal adhesion of the first layer.

The Z-offset for the Ender 3 Pro can vary depending on various factors, including the type of print surface you're using (e.g., glass, BuildTak, or a magnetic bed), the type and thickness of the print surface, and the specific modifications you've made to your printer.

To set the Z-offset for your Ender 3 Pro, follow these steps:

  • Home the printer: Use the auto-home function in the printer's menu to bring the nozzle to its starting position.
  • Place paper or gauge: Slide a thin piece of paper or a feeler gauge under the nozzle, ensuring it moves with slight resistance.
  • Adjust Z-offset: Use the printer's menu to tweak the Z-offset value. Decrease if too loose, increase if too tight.
  • Recheck and refine: Move the nozzle to different bed points, ensuring consistent slight resistance with the paper. Fine-tune the Z-offset for uniform results across the bed.

Part 3: How to Set Z-Offset Bltouch Ender 3 v2 in 5 Steps

1: Mounting the BLTouch Sensor

  1. Begin by using the two smaller screws from the kit to attach the BLTouch sensor to the provided bracket.
  2. Use the two longer screws to secure the bracket to the left side of the hot end carriage.
  3. Connect the small white port on the cable to the BLTouch sensor. Ensure it's oriented correctly.
  4. Neatly route the BLTouch cable along the hot end cable towards the mainboard. You can go under the printer or through the wire mesh.

2: Connecting the BLTouch Sensor Cable to the Ender 3 V2 Mainboard

  1. Gain access to the mainboard by opening the printer's casing. Remember to disconnect the power source.
  2. Locate the dedicated BLTouch port on the mainboard.
  3. Disconnect the Z endstop cable and connect the BLTouch cable to the dedicated port.
  4. Take note of your mainboard version, typically 4.2.2 or 4.2.7, for firmware selection.

3: Updating 3D Printer Firmware via SD Card

  1. Back up and format an SD card (32GB or smaller) to FAT32.
  2. Download the correct BLTouch-supported firmware for your printer from Creality's website, ensuring version compatibility.
  3. Copy the .bin file from the "Non-adapter" firmware folder to the SD card.
  4. Insert the SD card, power on the printer, and wait for the firmware update to complete. A "Level" menu option indicates a successful update.

4: Calibrating the Z Offset for the BLTouch Probe

  1. Auto-home the printer, then place a sheet of paper under the nozzle.
  2. Adjust the Z Offset by decreasing it in 0.1 increments until the paper can move under the nozzle with slight resistance.
  3. Select "Disable Stepper" and repeat the leveling process at each corner.
  4. Check and fine-tune the Z Offset as needed.

5: Final Checks and Preparing for 3D Printing

  1. Power off and restart the printer to ensure the nozzle is correctly positioned.
  2. Optimize your 3D printing by replacing the "G28" Gcode command with "G28 G29" in your slicer's starting script to run mesh bed leveling before each print.


In conclusion, setting the Z-offset for a BLTouch on the Ender 3 V2 is a crucial step to ensure precise 3D printing. Creality provides the tools and guidance needed for this process. Properly mounting the BLTouch sensor, connecting it to the mainboard, and updating the firmware are essential steps to get started. Calibrating the Z Offset is the key to achieving excellent bed adhesion and print quality.

How to Set Z-Offset Bltouch Ender 3 v2
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