Unveiling PrusaSlicer 2.6: All You Need to Know

The 3D printing community is abuzz with excitement as PrusaSlicer 2.6 takes center stage, bringing a host of groundbreaking features and improvements.

This latest release not only enhances the overall user experience but also refines the core of the software – the G-code generation.

prusaslicer 2.6

Part 1: Metal 3D Printer Price Spectrum

what is prusaslicer 2.6

1. Organic Supports: Redefining Support Structures

Say farewell to traditional 2D grid-based supports. PrusaSlicer 2.6 brings "Organic Supports," a game-changer offering smarter, smoother, and more stable support structures. Easily removable, these supports leave no scars, significantly reducing print time and material consumption.

2. Automatic FDM Support Painter: Precision in Support Placement

The FDM support painting tool gets an upgrade with an automatic mode. A state-of-the-art algorithm optimizes support placement, resulting in more efficient support structures. Bridges now enjoy support only where necessary, minimizing material usage.

3. Text Embossing Tool: Customize with Ease

The new Text tool allows users to insert, manipulate, and edit text as a 3D object. Even more impressive is the ability to make text follow curved surfaces with a single click. Customize your prints effortlessly by adding notes, signs, or serial numbers directly in the slicer.

4. Improved Cut Tool: Precision in Slicing

The Planar Cut tool, a long-time feature in PrusaSlicer, gets an upgrade. Users can now cut models at any angle, offering more flexibility when dealing with large or intricate prints.

5. Measurement Tool: Adding Precision to Printing

Addressing a long-standing demand, PrusaSlicer 2.6 introduces a Measurement tool. Measure distances between vertices, edges, and planes with ease. The tool's smart geometry detection algorithm recognizes circles and their diameters, simplifying the measuring process.

Part 2: Dynamic Overhang Speed and More


1. Dynamic Overhang Speed: Fine-Tune Print Speed

Born during Input Shaper firmware testing, Dynamic Overhang Speed allows users to slow down print speed when dealing with overhangs. Users can customize the shape of the overhang slowdown function and create custom fan speed curves for optimal results.

2. Extended Sparse Infill: Saving Time and Material

PrusaSlicer addresses inadequately supported infill lines over solid infill with extended sparse infill, ensuring better support and reliability. This not only saves print time but also reduces material consumption.

3. Automatic Anchoring of Bridging Infill: Enhancing Structural Stability

Detecting areas where internal bridges need anchoring, PrusaSlicer 2.6 enhances stability by adding an extra line touching perimeters in the previous layer.

4. Improved Ensure Vertical Shell Thickness: Optimize Print Quality

PrusaSlicer automatically addresses the thinning of walls on sloping surfaces with concentric infill, ensuring shorter print times without compromising quality.

5. Avoid Crossing Curled Overhangs: Smart Travel Planning

The new function intelligently plans nozzle travels to avoid regions with a high probability of curled filament near steep overhangs, preventing skipped steps or print damage.


PrusaSlicer 2.6 isn't just an update; it's a leap forward in 3D printing. With features like Organic Supports and Automatic FDM Support Painter, it empowers users to unleash their creativity. 

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Unveiling PrusaSlicer 2.6: All You Need to Know
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