Question Bank with Creality 3D Printing Skills Competition

Creality advocates the concept of "everyone knows the product" to all staff, and values carrying out special training on product theory and practice.

Creality 3d printing skills competition

In September 2022, we welcomed the first 3D printing skills competition. It aimed to improve everyone's 3D theoretical knowledge and creative thinking skills, to stimulate their enthusiasm for the 3D printing industry in order to provide practical experience in using the latest 3D printing and to develop their sense of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial consciousness.

However, the 3d printing skills competition took the form of a combination of theory and practice.


Here is the question bank with Creality 3d printing skills competition:

1. The characteristics of PLA filaments are ( )

a. Easy to process

b. Environmentally friendly

c. Degradable

d. Odor

e. Easy to mold


2 . The following can be used for resin filaments are ( )

a. General-purpose photosensitive resin

b. Rigid resins

c. Dental mold resin

d. Washable resins

e. Poxy Resins

f. Red wax/white wax


3. The disadvantages of general-purpose photosensitive resin are ( )

a. Irritating to skin

b. Toxic to water ecology

c. Decomposes when exposed to UV light

d. Brittle material easily broken

e. Toxic after printing and polymerization

f. Toxic before printing and polymerization


4 What happens when you print with damp filaments ( )

a. Rough surface

b. Clogged nozzles

c. Extrusion breakage

d. Stretching of the model

e. Air bubbles in the model


5. What printing equipment model of Creality can be used for 3D advertising word printing? ( )

a. CP-01

b. CR-100

c. K5

d. T5

e. K8


6. What kinds of ways can obtain 3D printing model material? ( )

a. Download online

b. CAD Modeling

c. 3D Scanner

d. Photo Shooting


7. Which of the following filaments are common soluble filaments ()

a. PLA

b. ABS

c. PVA+


e. TPU


8. The advantages of PETG filaments are ( )

a. High definition permeability

b. High toughness

c. Easy to print

d. High strength

e. Food safety


9 . The disadvantages of PETG filaments are ( )

a. Easy to absorb moisture

b. Low toughness

c. Easily stretched

d. Easy to shrink and warp


10. The advantages of ABS filaments are ( )

a. High strength

b. High durability

c. High temperature resistance

d. Hard texture when drying


11. The disadvantages of ABS filaments are ( )

a. Difficult to process

b. Easy to warp

c. Smelly

d. Rough surface

e. Low strength


12. Among the following filaments that are easy to absorb moisture are ()

a. PLA

b. ABS


d. PA (Nylon)


13. The following advantages of TPU (soft material) are ()

a. No warpage in molding

b. No air bubbles

c. Smooth and delicate

d. Accurate color

e. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly


14. Mixed materials that can be mixed with PLA filaments to form special filaments include ()

a. Wood powder

b. Phosphorescent materials

c. Carbon fiber (staple fiber)

d. Metal powder

e. Conductive carbon particles


15. The advantages of ordinary rigid photosensitive resins are ( )

a. Low shrinkage rate

b. High printing accuracy

c. Fine texture

d. Stable print size

e. High strength


16. The disadvantages of generic purpose photosensitive resin are ( )

a. Irritating to the skin

b. Toxic to water ecology

c. Lower model strength

d. Unpolymerized photosensitive resins are volatile


17. What characteristics does medical dental mould resin need first ( )

a. Sterilization compatibility

b. Chemical resistance

c. Mechanical properties

d. Biocompatibility

e. Low price


18. Which are Creality FDM 3d printing platforms? ( )

a. Glass plate

b. Fiberglass plate

c. Carbon silica glass

d. Platform stickers

e. Release Film


19. How to deal with the damp filaments? ( )

a. Dryer for filaments

b. Sealed storage containers

c. Oven heating

d. Dehydrator

e. Steaming


20. What are the advantages of 3D printing? ( )

a. Small volume production, uniform cost

b. Precise solid replication

c. Low operational skill requirements

d. Low space requirement

e. No material waste, Environmentally friendly


21. The polymer materials that can be used for 3D printing are ( )

a. Nylon

b. Rubber

c. PLA

d. ABS

e. Metal


22. What are the 3D printing applications? ( )

a. Creativity Education

b. Medical dentistry

c. Industrial design

d. Portrait handicraft

e. Jewelry


23. What are the fully-enclosed series printers?

a. CR-2020

b. CR-100

c. CR-3040

d. CR-10

e. CR-X


24. The module of FDM 3D printer that needs to set the printing temperature before the printing process is ( )

a. Printhead assembly

b. Feed mechanism

c. Hot bed

d. Filaments


25. What are the HALOT series?

a. CL-89

b. CL-133

c. CL-60L

d. CL-60

e. CL-89L

f. CL-133L


26. The following kind of printing advantages when the "sprite" extruder brings ( )

a. The ability to print soft materials

b. Accurate feeding

c. High speed printing

d. High temperature printing


27. The Ender-3 S1 is equipped with those following features ( )

a. High-speed printing

b. High temperature printing

c. Proximal extrusion

d. Touch screen

e. PC spring steel platform


28. Which printers are equipped with door opening detection function ()

a. Ender-3 S1

b. Ender-3 S1 PRI


d. Sermoon D3

e. Sermoon M1

f. Sermoon v1 pro


29. Which of the following sizes are the HALOT series( )

a. 9.25 inch

b. 8 inch

c. 8.9 inch

d. 13.3 inch

e. 7 inch

f. 7.9 inch


30. Common carbon fiber materials are generally mixed with those materials ()

a. PLA

b. ABS

c. PA

d. TPU


31. The Ender-3 S1 3d printer can perfectly print the following filaments( )

a. PLA

b. TPU

c. ABS



32. What kinds of powers are the Creality laser engraving machine and module?

a. 1.6W

b. 8W

c. 5W

d. 10W

e. 100W


33. Which the following 3D printer can support online printing( )

a. Ender-3 S1

b. Ender-3 S1 PRO

c. CR-10 Smart pro

d. Sermoon D3


34. Which one can be directly mounted with a laser engraving module?()

a. Sermoon M1

b. Ender-3 S1 PRO

c. Ender-3 S1

d. Sermoon D1


The practical part is composed of assembling the 3d printer, slicing and printing the model.

Creality 3d printing skills competition

1. Assemble the Ender-3 S1 Pro machine for a total of 10 minutes, the judge can score according to the priority of completing the assembly of the machine within 10 minutes.

2. Before the formal operation of the machine, the organizer provided several model STL files, and the participating teams could select one of the models for slicing and printing after slicing, the time for slicing and printing the model was 2 hours (30% of the model printing could be completed), and the judges would score according to the printing of the model.


The answers to Creality 3d printing skills competition:



































Question Bank with Creality 3D Printing Skills Competition
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